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This is the 2nd Jumper Video I've made, yet this is the 1st completed one. It follows the movie closely yet this was meant to be slashy. Millie does not make an appearance in this video which was a difficult task because she's in the movie ALOT! I hope you enjoy it.

Summary: The video follows David from childhood into adulthood as he learns about his powers and profits from it. As an adult he travels to London and there an old friend/lover (Griffin) sees him. David is almost captured by Roland, but escapes to Griffin's place. They catch up and Griffin is pissed that David hasn't kept in contact with him all these years. Eventually they make up, but Roland finds their hide out and that's where the video ends. Did they make it out alive? It's up to you to decide how their 'story' ends.

All comments are welcomed! XD

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