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I've gotten into so many fandoms over the past year it's a bit overwhelming. Here is my list:

1. Harry  Potter (Though I'm slowly getting tired of it all I like Ron/Draco)
2. X-men (Bobby and John fictions are the hottest)
3. Gackt and Hyde (Sexy ass band boys/solo artist that just look so right together.)
4. Dark Angel: (Alec/Max and I like some Alec/Logan and Alec/Biggs)
5. Fruits Basket (Kyo and Yuki are so cute together.)
6. Supernatural.(Though I have yet to watch more than one episode, the fan fictions are great)

I think that's it really. I started the year liking only HP I now like all the below. Woot to me!!

To all the amzing writer out there, keep up the good work. I've been in fanfiction reading overdrive this week and last so hopefully I'll get to yours soon. Ciao

Savvy aka Eros


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